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D.B.E. Enterprises
About Us

Who are we?

David Barrett

David Barrett entered the General Insurance Industry as a trainee commercial insurance broker in 1973.

Having been a manager for an international broking house, then Commercial Insurance Director for the in house insurance broking company of a major UK PLC, David Barrett formed his own broking business in 1987.


Originally as joint partner and then, from 1991, as senior partner David managed all aspects of the business including staff recruitment and development. He has also served as en executive director of an independent accountancy services company. 




Our Office

Here is a picture of our office.

Chinese Gazebo

D.B.E. Enterprises

Formed in December 2003, D.B.E. Enterprises is the training consultancy operated by David Barrett.

The Future

Whilst specializing in the general insurance and financial services markets David Barrett is keen to broaden his experience as far as possible. He is therefore happy to consider working in any industry where his considerable business experience and/or general training skills may be of assistance. To this end long term repeat contracts or individual one off special projects are of equal interest.

Whilst based in Surrey David Barrett is happy to consider projects throughtout the UK as well as short term contracts overseas.